Life as High Art

17 Sep 2015 Michael Broyles In Photography Blog
Fine art study by Michael Broyles

Fine Art Study in Black and White by Michael Broyles


I have looked at far more photographs than I have paintings because their reality is stronger than reality itself. – Francis Bacon.

Life is the medium in which photographers create art. Between medium and message lies a task to cause what is seen into being. The photographer is an alchemist who deftly catalyzes life into high art. The artist transcends the mundanities of a two-dimensional depiction and renders a new world that is filled with emotional colors, rich skin tones and naked landscapes.

Along the curve of a hip and the jagged tenacity of a mountain top lies a narrative exclaiming God in the details. As the future unfolds and life’s landscape changes, a story develops. It is this driving force that inspires Michael Broyles and Chryseis Dawn to expand into life’s panoply of splendors. Frame by frame, the artists transform untouchable moments of quixotic faith and gritty reality into a realities of their own.


Photo by Chryseis Dawn

Photo by Chryseis Dawn


“I create my photographs as if they are paintings,” says Broyles. “Chryseis inspires me to get out of the old established ways and try new things. In the ‘darkroom’ I render photos and create art.” This desire to see differed perspectives strengthens Broyles’s artist statement; his statement underscores his mission to commemorate loved ones that enrich life.


Heirloom Memories as High Art

Heirloom Memories as High Art


Heirloom Memories as High Art

The juxtaposition of fine art and family heirloom portraits is not often drawn. Each are not mutually exclusive. While the quintessence of the family unit is singularly what Broyles captures, there is much more to be seen.

The artistry of matriarch and patriarch working together, creating generations of unity despite inevitable moments of frustration, celebrating family, and unconditional love is an awe inspiring act of life. While the family unit is the foundation of heirloom memories, the invaluable possession passed down from generation to generation is the complexity of individuals coming together to love and share in life. The preservation of this beauty is what high art strives to convey.

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