Family portrait by Michael Broyles Family Photography

Family portrait by Broyles Family Photography

One of the fundamental reasons we take photos is to share special moments with friends and family.  Photos are meant to be displayed, whether as a centerpiece of a room or on a keychain.  From classic to contemporary, the ways you can display your photos are endless.  Really, you are just limited by your imagination.


Looking for some inspired ways to spruce up your photo displays?  Take a cue from the ideas below to update your family’s “photo gallery.”


Embrace the Centerpiece

Every room in a home has a central focal point, some object or design that defines the space.  When that object is a portrait, it can make the rest of the room’s décor more personal, cheerful, or even more dramatic.  We often choose portraits for centerpieces because they speak to the house as a place for gathering family and friends, of comfort and love.  When incorporating a portrait into a room as its centerpiece, choose a spot that allows the portrait to be the center of attention.  For example, the family portrait accompanying this post hangs above the family’s fireplace.  Other standout locations include above sofas or sideboards.  To enhance the centerpiece look, choose a frame that complements the surrounding colors and patterns.  Although it is the room’s centerpiece, you want your portrait to stand out, in a good way.


Create a Collage

A collage is a great way to organize and display multiple photos.  You can find a number of fun and inventive ways to riff on the collage theme online; a great place to start is doing a search on Google or Pinterest.  Popular ideas include creating a wall-sized collage, a photo mobile, or a photo “clothesline” using wire and clips.  The following blog posts offer a dose of inspiration and show the range of collage possibilities:


When creating your collage, consider centering it around a theme.  Vacations, milestones, holidays, and your children are just a few themes.  Choose one (or more) that speak to your family.  Another benefit of collages: they are easy to mix up and refresh on a whim.  For example, create a collage based on the season or change out your photos to correspond with an upcoming holiday or family activity.


 Tell a Story

It goes without saying that photos tell a story, a snapshot of a moment in time.  One way to leverage this idea is to use a collection of photos to tell a larger story, such as the passage of time.  For example, you can stagger a series of photos up a stairway or around a room that capture the stages of your children’s lives, from infant to college grad.  Another possibility is to display the evolution of your relationship with your spouse, from wedding bliss to celebrating your golden years in retirement.  Whatever you choose, the story you tell should be a unique reflection of your family.


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