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As technology continues to advance and play an ever greater role in our lives, the “old-fashioned” way of doing things slips by the wayside. This especially rings true for photography and how we choose to capture signature moments.  More and more, we are relying on digital cameras to capture and store our memories.  While there are some benefits to digital photos, they are not the best medium for recording our personal or family history.  Print photos still rule and here are three reasons why.


Prints are reliable.  Nothing beats having a hard copy of something, including photos.  They are easy to store and keep track of, and best of all, hard to lose.  So, what makes this an advantage over digital photos?


Digital photos are typically stored on discs and drives, storage mediums that were not designed for long term storage.  Sure, these are great for short term uses like posting photos on social media or sharing long distance; however, these types of storage mediums can decay (this is called data rot) and go out of date.  Even more frustrating is the constant updates and changes occurring in image formats (e.g., GIF, JPG, PNG) and hardware, which can not only make your current storage method obsolete, but make it close to impossible to recover your photo files.  Longer term options, such as saving your photos to the cloud, are not a guarantee either.  Service providers can go out of business or your account can be cancelled if your payment method is not kept up-to-date.  On top of that, any number of things can go wrong with your computer itself: it can be damaged in a fire or flood, it can be stolen, or suffer from a hard drive failure.  Even simple human error can erase a lifetime’s worth of photographic memories.


Prints are art.  Often times, people choose digital over print photos because they believe it is cheaper, or they want more control over the editing process.  Although tools and resources are available to the public for touching up their digital photos, working with a professional photographer is still the route to go for prints that meet your expectations every time.


Working with a professional photographer means they control the entire process, from raw footage to framed portrait.  Unlike an amateur photographer, they have access to labs and equipment that they can use to help them reproduce your favorite images, which means you will end up with better quality prints.  In addition, professional photographers can get creative with your images and turn them into real, unique pieces of art, like the photo above.  They take great pride in their work and want only the best images to hang from your walls.  After all, your portrait has their name on it.


Prints are tangible memories.  Unlike digital photos, you can literally pass down print photos from generation to generation.  They become heirlooms, irreproducible reflections of yourself or your family.  They have the ability to warm up any room in your home and can be used in more ways than desktop wallpaper.  Photos are meant to be looked at, reminisced over, and shared, all easier to accomplish when they are not hidden in a folder on your computer.


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