Vacations are a time for making memories and there is no better way to preserve those memories than taking pictures of your adventures. Every so often, we get questions at Michael Broyles Photography from customers who are looking for advice on how to make their vacation photos stand out. Here, I offer some simple tips for elevating your vacation photography, sure to produce pictures that are the envy of your friends and family.


Capture Emotions and Expressions

Whether you are traveling to a familiar locale or someplace new and exotic, vacation destinations have a way of eliciting a range of emotions, from nostalgia to sheer awe. Although taking pictures of notable sights and happenings is a must, the truly memorable photos are those that capture the reactions of your traveling companions. To capture raw emotions best, focus in on a person’s face and their expression, particularly the eyes. When you look back on your trip years later, your photos should convey the same emotions that were felt in the moment.


Look for Details

Everyone loves a panoramic shot of a magnificent natural wonder or national landmark, however, there is often more to the scene than meets the eye. On your next trip, focus in on the details of a place that might ordinarily get overlooked. Look for plants and animals that are indigenous to that location, or seek out art work and unusual architectural designs that you cannot find back at home. Even something as ordinary as an intricate spider web with morning dew can be a magical reminder of the cabin you rented with your extended family one summer. Sometimes it is the details that tell the most powerful story.


Take Candid Shots

Not all vacation shots have to be scripted. In fact, it is often much easier to capture the emotion of a moment when your friend or family member is least expecting it. Often times, it is these unplanned shots that become your favorite vacation memories. Taking candid photographs requires you to have your camera in a secure, accessible place so you are ready to shoot when the perfect opportunity strikes. However, it is best to strike a balance between snapping photos and simply enjoying the moment with your family and friends. Your vacation should not be spent behind the lens of a camera.


Tell the Story of Your Destination

Every place you visit has a story to tell and the best way to capture the magic of a location to relive again and again is through photography. This is one instance where the background can play a prominent role in your pictures, maybe more so in instances when you travel to exotic locations. When taking photos to capture the essence of a place, be sure to focus in on elements that make the location unique: the people, food, music, art, culture, and architecture. This is also where attention to detail comes into play. Sights, sounds, smells, and textures can all be captured on film if you take the time to focus on what brings these senses alive.


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