For many companies large and small, your website functions as your main marketing tool. It is the one-stop shop your customers can visit 24/7, 365 days a year to learn about your products and/or services. As digital technology and online shopping increase in popularity, having a robust, comprehensive website is crucial to reach your target audience and make the case for why they should choose you over the competition. How can you make your website stand apart from your competitors?

One of the fastest growing ways to differentiate your website from the rest is by including videos. Unlike text, videos allow you to communicate important information about your business (and yourself!) for your target audience in a memorable way that takes much less time to digest. At Michael Broyles Photography, we have been helping customers create high quality videos that help them sell their business in an attractive, professional manner. You can view a sample of our work with Perry Windle, Attorney at Law, here.



Companies are catching on to this trend and are using professional videos to great effect. One of the benefits of including videos on your website is their ability to improve your site’s search engine optimization, or SEO. In other words, having at least one video on your website means that your site is more likely to rank higher in a search, and receive visitors, than a website without videos.


Need further convincing? Here are 4 ways in which professional videos can help improve your website’s SEO.


High Quality Content Drives Rankings

Incorporating videos into your marketing mix is not just smart, but shows that you are invested in high quality content. Content drives SEO rankings and rich media, which includes videos, is highly favored by search engine algorithms like Google and Yahoo. As a result, websites with videos rank higher in searches than those without.


Keywords Show Relevance

Using keywords to describe your video, whether they are in titles, file names, tags, or descriptions, boosts your video’s relevance in searches for those keywords. The more information you can feed to search engines (i.e., keyword labels) to help them identify your video, the more likely your website will rank higher in search results.


Customized Video Sitemaps Complement Keyword Use

A video sitemap is simply an extension of your website’s general sitemap. Much like using keyword labels to describe your video, you can customize the metadata on your site to increase your SEO ranking. This includes information such as duration, view count, rating, and whether the video is embedded.


Getting Social gets You Noticed

Posting a video on your website is great; sharing that video with a wider audience is even better. This is where social media can be your business’s best friend. Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, getting people to like, view, and share your video shows search engines that your content is valued. The more notice your video gets on social media, the more likely your video will drive people back to your website to learn more.



Are you ready to put the power of video to work for you and your website’s SEO? Michael Broyles Photography can help you put the right foot forward with our Professional Image Package. Through the month of January, you can get a business portrait and 2 videos for just $300. Set up a free consultation with Michael Broyles Photography today to learn how we can help you put a spotlight on your business.