Videos are quickly rising to the top of many companies’ marketing strategies, and for good reason. Unlike words on a page, people able are to relate more easily to messages they can see and hear. That is one reason why Michael Broyles Photography works with clients to create videos that convey their personal brand: how you present yourself and your company visually says volumes about how you conduct your business.


Videos are also a popular means of consuming information. According to a post on WP Gurus’ website, past research has shown that more than 79% of Internet users frequently watch videos. Of the people who view video ads online, approximately 46% take some form of follow up action, such as checking out a business’ website for more information.


Clearly, using video is the way to go to promote your business and personal brand, and amplify your impact with your target audience. Here are five reasons why:


Create the Right First Impression

In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of making a good first impression when building your personal brand. Video allows you to do that by putting a face with a name. You are able to make a connection with a viewer and gain their trust, something that is not easily done with a print description. Taking the time to produce a video or series of videos shows your audience that you care about your company’s image, and that you are willing to invest time and energy to reach your customer base in an engaging way.


Reach More People in Less Time

As our lives have gotten increasingly busier, our attention spans have grown that much smaller. People expect to have the answers to their questions right at their fingertips and do not have the patience to search long and hard for what they need. As a result, they are more likely to view a short 1-2 minute video than spend 10 or more minutes reading an article. A video can help you to communicate important information about your business for your audience in a memorable way that takes much less time. To top that off, your reach can be much wider: a video on a website or social media channel like Facebook or Instagram can potentially reach thousands, if not millions, of potential customers.


Drive Potential Customers to Your Website

Videos posted on social media or shared through an email campaign can be just the hook you need to bring more people to your website. People will be more likely to remember the products and services you offer and how they work, and if interested, will be tempted to learn more about them. Embedding videos on your website itself encourages visitors to spend more time exploring your site and what you have to offer.


Convert Visitors to Customers

Marketing strategies are only successful if they result in sales or business. According to a white paper published by the Local Search Association, 44% of buyers viewed an online video during their search for a product or service. Of those viewers, 53% contacted the business after viewing the video, 52% visited the business’ website, 33% visited the brick and mortar store, and a whopping 71% ended up making a purchase.


Stay Relevant Longer

Videos are have a longer shelf life than ads, blog posts, brochures, and various other forms of printed marketing material. You can use video across multiple marketing channels and take snippets to create new content or highlight a particular product, service, or feature. If your video happens to go viral, its impact has the potential to last for months, if not years.


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