The school year is winding down and for high school juniors the arrival of summer brings more than some much needed time off from books and exams. Tis the season for senior portraits! This important rite of passage brings many young people to Michael Broyles Photography this time of year and we are committed to ensuring each senior portrait reflects your unique personality. To help you express your creativity, keep the following tips in mind as you plan your senior portrait shoot.


Plan for Classic and Contemporary

Depending on the studio you choose for your senior portrait shoot, you will be asked to bring three to four outfits to work with during your session. Styles can range from casual to formal, but a good rule of thumb is to plan on bringing one classic outfit that stands the test of time. This can be as simple as a solid color polo shirt paired with khakis or jeans, or a solid print dress in a bold or neutral hue. You can add your personality with accessories such as jewelry or a favorite pair of shoes, but be careful not to go overboard here. Save the “trendy” outfits and accessories for your next shot.


For classic and contemporary photos, make sure your outfits fit before arriving at the studio. Nothing can be worse than an ill-fitting shirt or an uncomfortable pair of jeans. If you are buying new clothes just for the photo shoot, be sure to wear them around a bit beforehand to break them in.


Play the Part with Props

Part of the fun of senior portraits is the opportunity to show off your personality. Are you a member of a sports team? If so, bring your uniform, letter jacket, or a piece of equipment to incorporate into one of your pictures. How about other school clubs and activities, such as drama class, the school newspaper, or the marching band? From your musical instrument to your favorite painting, bring several props that reflect your true self. And, don’t relegate props to school-based activities. Bring items that reflect your out-of-school hobbies and community affiliations.


Bring Your Pets and Pals

Many photographers allow, and even encourage, their clients to include pets and friends in their senior portrait shoots. Of course, if you choose to go this route you will need to plan ahead such as making sure your friends’ outfits coordinate with yours or that your pet has been properly groomed. If you are bringing your pet to the shoot, make sure he or she is comfortable in front of the camera and will not spook easily or get distracted. If you are including friends, you may want to do a test run, complete with outfits and props, beforehand to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Get a Second Opinion

Your senior portrait is session is one of those times when it pays to have your mom tag along. She will give you an honest opinion whether an outfit works or not and can provide suggestions for poses, last minute accessories, and hair styling, not to mention encouragement and support. The old adage is right…mom knows best!


Have a Plan for Your Photos

Digital versus print? Many young people today prefer digital photos over prints for sharing on social media. However, digital photos can be easily lost and are not the type of images worth handing down to your children and grandchildren. Prints are timeless keepsakes and, when cared for properly, can stand the test of time. Your best bet? Get a mixture of both. Consult with your photographer and identify which images would work well framed or in a wallet-size versus those that are more appropriate for Facebook.


Senior portraits may be top of mind now, but May is also the time of year where we celebrate mom and all that she does for us (besides consulting at your photo shoot). This May, Michael Broyles Photography is running a promotion for mom. If you schedule a photo session for her between May 1 and 31, she will receive an 8” x 10” portrait for $100. Have a question about scheduling a senior portrait session or concerning our Mother’s Day promotion? Contact Michael Broyles Photography today.