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Father with Children

When we think of Father’s Day, our thoughts turn to backyard cookouts and pool parties, maybe even camping or theme park visits.  Dads are spontaneous, fun, and always up for an adventure.  They are giant teddy bears in human form.

Dads also have a softer side, though you won’t find too many readily admitting it.  They burst with pride when their children do well in schools and in sports, rally behind us in times of need, and shed a tear or two when their daughters get married.  It is these moments, among others, that truly remind us why we celebrate Father’s Day.

Dads can also be notoriously hard to buy gifts for, whether it’s Father’s Day, Christmas, or any other time of the year.  For the Dad who claims to have everything he needs, why not consider giving him the gift of a family photo session?  Not only will Dad get quality time with his loved ones, but he will walk away with a beautiful reminder of why everyone calls him “Dad.”

Michael Broyles Photography specializes in capturing family moments in portraits that can be cherished from generation to generation.  During photo shoots, we encourage Dads to be themselves and have fun with the camera.  It can be a challenge sometimes to get Dads to loosen up, but when they see the results in their photos…well, the softer side shines through.

This Father’s Day, consider investing in a lasting image of that special Dad in your life.  BBQs and days at the beach can go by quickly, but a portrait of Dad lasts a lifetime.

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