Michael Broyles, Certified Professional Photographer

Michael Broyles, who often photographs portraits of others challenges himself by taking a self portrait in natural window light.

Photography is communion with life. It is the act of sharing with others an unseen world, a view from another eye.  Personal needs, truths, and ideas that cannot always be expressed verbally can be expressed in the body of an artist’s work. When we create, a new reality awakens. We understand ourselves better and know a little more about the mystery of life.

If you are considering being a photographer, whether for a career or as a hobby, there is an undiscovered world within you ready to be revealed in the pictures you create.  Begin a daily practice. Spending time in nature or photographing the reality of your everyday life is a great place to begin creating a strong body of work.  

When you begin your work, do remain discouraged by the learning curve.  Aspiring photographers may feel one of two ways, very self-conscious about their work or, unfortunately, overconfident in expressing art without technique. While there is a balance to technique and free expression, profound meaning is found in courageously sharing your point of view. This is the center of breathtaking artistry.  

Michael Broyles, a Certified Professional Photographer, offers a look into his methodology: “I see my photography as fine art. It is as if I am creating a painting.  Each day I work toward my masterpiece knowing that I am willingly performing my craft with a beginners mind.”

As an artist, the sacred exchange between you and your creative muse is the most important connection you will ever have.  Seek and discover new ways of looking at the world, employ a sense of personal discovery, and you will watch your work become more personal, relatable.

On the path of creativity, you may become discouraged with your work. Remember that each one of us brings a unique perspective to the art that we perform. That is the magic that lies behind the eyes and the lens. 

Michael and Casey would love to be your artists.

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