Business Portrait by Michael Broyles Knoxville Photographer

Business Portrait by Michael Broyles

When stepping out into the world as our professional selves, we must bear in mind the barrage of pictures, social story lines, power plays and stipulations on beauty. It can be very tempting to give up, fall short of the standard. However in this world, you can never give up. Putting your best face forward is a requisite for success; you need a strong self-image and a headshot that conveys confidence.

No matter the spectrum of your business acumen, a strong sense of self is required for you to boss it up. So many boss babes, corporate gurus and business leaders do not actually feel a surge of power when working with others, but instead feel humbled by the privilege to lead. This is shown through a softening of the eyes, an exuding of quiet confidence. How do you strike a balance of power within?

Self-Image: Developing Your Business Persona

Self-image is your psyche’s recognition of itself. In other words, when you look in the mirror, you know who you are. You say — I can see myself. As you look more deeply within, your psyche also helps determine the way in which you see yourself.  It takes societal views, successes and failures into account as major contributors to your persona.

This persona with its pits and peaks is the essential element that must shine through in your business headshot. It is the way prospective clients will connect with you and determine whether or not you are a viable colleague. Before you try to practice your best board room face, remember these simple rules of thumb.

  1. A great business headshot does not hide vulnerability or scars from the school of hard knocks, it celebrates all of you.
  2. A direct gaze and a soft smile mean that you make strong decisions, and you are easily approachable.
  3. Putting your best face forward means you authentically represent your journey and your facial expressions are earnest.
  4. Your intentions and expectations shine through. Seek to continually understand your desire for success and convey that to the camera.

How can you translate your power to lead in one image?

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