Images of a newborn with his parents by Michael Broyles

Newborn Portraits


Building a legacy from the intimate center of your world. 

At the epicenter of your experience lies the moment captured by the keen eye of a photographer, bringing a sense of reality to your inner world.  But how do photographers possess such a special gift?  In the world of Certified Professional Photographers (CPP), this gift is part of a continuum of acquired skills utilized to bring out the best in their subjects.

In our current day and age, we are all photographers and documentarians with our smartphones and social media profiles.  The ability to communicate in an instant is a great advantage to access the world however, when the world access our lives we must be fully present to show our authentic selves (which is hard to do with a selfie stick in hand).  A Certified Professional Photographer is a curator of time, a messenger of your legacy, and a master of technique. Relax, breathe, and smile; a photo shoot is a special moment.

Why Choose a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)?


While other professional photographers may not have the experience they claim to have, Certified Professional Photographers are held accountable for their work — a formidable reason they are a rare, precious find.

Continuing Education

No matter how long a master photographer has been taking pictures, learning is a mainstay of a sharpened technique.  Professional Photographers of America, the accrediting non-profit organization that certifies professional photographers, provides continuing education opportunities for all of its members.

Fully Realized Artistry

Confidence is the first skill in an artist’s toolkit.  Certified Professional Photographers (CPP0 work to hone their artistry and highlight personal style.  Working with a Certified Professional Photographer means that you will see an uncommon beauty in your captured memories.

In the case of Michael Broyles, the chapters of his life tell a rich legacy of connection.  His gaze extends beyond his keen empathetic observations of humanity earned in an Army uniform, consoling soldiers on their path to and from war. His heart remains softened by his quiet observance of faith in humanity, and with his adventurous eye, he continues to delve into the center of life with his lens and the moment.  In his thirteen year journey as a Certified Professional Photographer, he has extended beyond the reach of positioning, lighting, and relaxation techniques; he is a masterful curator of the moments of your life.

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