Couples Engagement Portrait

Love is seen in what we show.

There is something magical that happens when a couple becomes engaged, everything changes.  The excitement of the lover’s gaze and the fear of losing a love so great all comprise the mixed emotions of a major life change.  While this time of life can be very stressful, it is a time that can never be duplicated, and as such, commemorating your commitment is a gift in itself.

The engagement period is a beautifully enriching time for burgeoning marrieds as they prepare for a new life as one. If you are engaged right now, you know what I mean: you are excited, nervous, and a little intrigued about what the rest of your life will look like. This marks the time to deepen intimacy and celebrate your courageous decision with a photo story.

When you look back on the day you walked down the aisle, you do not realize on the day you say I do, one day, your golden anniversary will be around the corner. You will not remember the way your wedding flowers smelled, or if Uncle Harry complained over the salmon or prime rib. All you will remember is the first time you ever truly supported one another during the most crucial time of your lives. This is what creating a long-lasting, inseparable bond is about.

The story of your commitment begins with an engagement photo that captures the essence, the why of your choice. This heirloom will become an anchor for rough seas.

When choosing your wedding photographer, the artist you select to chronicle the most important time of your life is likely to understand the nuances you and your fiancé share through the art of observation. Such nuances creates an intimacy in photographs that otherwise would never be seen (select wisely). As you build a relationship with your photographer, he can work out kinks all the way up to your big day. Your photographer will work to understand your rhythms, which sides are best, and what lighting is preferred by bride and groom.

Technicalities aside, this small opening into the world of the rest of your life deserves honor and celebration.

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