Fun time family portrait by Knoxville Family Photographer Michael Broyles

Mother and Daughter

By Lauren Yount

Loved ones and family members are just one huge part of what give our lives meaning. Without them, we would be unbearably lonely and have no one to share our happiness with. The people in our lives should be cherished, and time with them should be savored.

A photo session with the meaningful people in our lives is one great way to preserve their memory forever. However, it is also surprisingly a great way to have fun and enjoy time with them as well during the actual photoshoot.

Most people do not think of a photo session as a purely fun activity in itself. They might consider the outcome of the photo session instead — a wonderful photo, an album to cherish, or a beautiful memory for the wall. The experience of having a photo session with a loved one (or loved ones), while working to create a beautiful memory in the form of a photograph, is also valuable in the moment.

Photoshoots with family or friends can be a blast. Depending on what you decide to shoot together and what type of image you want to create, the shoot can be a priceless moment. Even a basic family portrait can bring family members closer together. Laughing together and making faces for the camera is a moment that doesn’t happen just anytime. If you go for a more creative image, the prep-work can turn out to be hilarious, adorable, or even deeply emotional.

In this image, a mother and daughter found a bonding moment within the shoot prep itself. While putting rollers in their hair and posing together closely, a beautiful mother-daughter moment was created that can never be replaced.

Here at Michael Broyles Photography, we aim to capture some of the most valuable memories for you and your loved ones. Not only does a photo session create beautiful, timeless images that last forever, but they also allow you to have a priceless experience with your loved ones that you don’t get to take part in just any day!

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