Family Reunions Picture by Knoxville Family Photographer Michael Broyles

Michael Broyles Photography Family Picture

Summer time means BBQ, picnics, and Fourth of July celebrations, all perfect opportunities to round up the family for a reunion.  Holidays aside, it can be hard to find a time during the year when everyone is free to gather.  With school out, warmer weather, and a slower pace of life, summer is an invitation to catch up with loved ones and spend quality time together.

Family reunions may be a great excuse to fire up the grill; however, they also present a perfect opportunity to capture a family portrait.  It was not too long ago when families tended to live close together and moving meant buying or building a house down the street.  Nowadays, families are spread out across the country, scattered among the 50 states.  A family reunion may be the one time all year when multiple generations of a family can gather in one place.

Family reunion portraits are treasured keepsakes for good reason.  These photographs capture multiple generations in a single shared moment of celebration.  A great example of this can be found in the photo above, which was taken at a family farm during a 50th wedding anniversary gathering.  From grandparents to grandchildren, the image freezes the family in time, allowing current and future generations to look back and reminisce or to recognize a family resemblance or two.

Thinking ahead for Christmas?  How about a family portrait for the grandparents?  Getting a family reunion portrait taken in the summer means you have time to choose the right image for framing and gifting in December.  It is both a loving tribute to that special time with family and a lasting reminder of their grandchildren’s youth.

If you are planning a family reunion this summer or some time later this year, consider getting your portrait taken with Michael Broyles Photography.  A Certified Professional Photographer, Michael Broyles will work with your family to set the scene and capture the perfect, once-in-a-lifetime shot.


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