Engagement session by Michael Broyles

Couple’s hands at engagement session

Getting engaged is a celebratory time for not just the new couple, but their family and friends.  You are about to start a new life together, and what better way to commemorate this moment than with a portrait you both can treasure long into the future?


Wedding photography is pretty much considered a given these days; however, more and more couples are choosing to photograph their engagement as well.  Unlike more formal wedding photography, engagement photo sessions allow couples to show off their fun, spontaneous side and capture the happy couple in a more relaxed, care-free setting.  Engagement photos are also a tangible, lasting way to celebrate a milestone in a couple’s relationship and allow the couple to share that moment with friends and family.


What can you expect from an engagement photo session?

  • Dress up or dress down, it’s your choice. Because engagement photos tend to be informal, choose clothing that is comfortable and compatible with your partner’s.  You may or may not choose to get your hair and/or makeup professionally done.
  • Select the ideal location. Engagement photos are often taken at places that hold special meaning for you, such as where you first met or got engaged.
  • Let your personality shine. Do you and your partner share a love of sports or the outdoors?  Pick a theme and bring along props that reflect your shared interests.
  • Think about how you want to use your engagement photos. Couples often choose to use these photos in engagement announcements, on blogs where they discuss their relationship journey or wedding plans, and on their Facebook pages. Furthermore, these photos can be the perfect accompaniment to slip in with your wedding invitations.  And after the wedding is over?  Your engagement photos can be passed down and treasured by your children and grandchildren as a glimpse into the happy beginning of your life together.


Is there an engagement on the horizon for you?  Contact the photographers at Michael Broyles Photography to discuss your options and set up a one-on-one consultation.  An important event like this calls for a photographer you can trust.  Trust our photographers to capture the love and joy of this special moment for you and your loved ones.

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