Child's portrait by Michael Broyles

Child’s portrait by Michael Broyles

Photos play a big role in recording moments in our lives, big and small.  The convenience of camera phones has only increased people’s desire to catch people, places, and events on film.  But sometimes a simple snapshot is not enough to capture the meaning of a moment.  Sometimes, we want to capture an image that will last and be passed down within the family for generations to come.  Enter the heirloom portrait.


Unlike your everyday snap shot, heirloom portraits often take an artistic approach in capturing their subjects on film.  Much thought and planning goes into an heirloom portrait, from the location, lighting, and style of the shot to smaller touches like the best color of makeup or the most complementary outfit.  The result is a unique piece of art, a reflection of you through the photographer’s eyes that tells a story of who you are at that moment.


When we typically think of the word heirloom, we turn our thoughts to antiques or subjects from a by-gone era.  We do not normally associate a modern portrait with possessing heirloom qualities…it’s brand new, right?  Heirloom portraits are not old-fashioned by any means.  They are prints that possess a timeless quality and often become more meaningful as time passes.  Special events and milestones are popular heirloom portrait subjects, from the birth of a newborn to celebrating a graduation to commemorating a 50th wedding anniversary.  Heirloom portraits allow you to capture, forever, that special moment so you can look back, reminisce, and pass that memory along to the next generation for safe keeping.  It is a way of preserving your story in an image so the story can continue to be told for years to come.


Heirloom photography does not come cheap; however, you do get what you pay for.  At Michael Broyles Photography, we specialize in producing museum quality prints whose color can hold for 90-120 years.  Compared to the average snap shot or amateur photo session, it is an investment worth several generations.  Make your memories last for over a century and book your next heirloom photo session with Knoxville Family Photographer Michael Broyles.


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