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Summertime is not only a time for sun and fun, but a time to honor our nation’s veterans.  Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day are all cause for celebration, reflection, and remembrance, especially for current and former servicemen and women.  For non-veterans, even family and friends, it can be hard to relate to the personal struggles our veterans deal with everyday.  War and conflict may be in the past, but memories linger.

Despite their struggles and the pain, veterans are proud of their military service and cherish the bonds formed among their fellow servicemen and women.  Pride, brotherhood, and sacrifice for our country are all things veterans want to inspire in their children and grandchildren.  One of the best ways to pass on this legacy of service is through an heirloom portrait.

Michael Broyles Photography is honored to work with veterans and their families to capture inspiring and touching portraits that can be cherished for years to come.  Husbands and wives, parents with children, military families, and solo soldiers, each photo has a story to tell and a special meaning for loved ones.  It is a reminder of loved ones stationed far away.  It is a celebration of a soldier’s return home.  It is a way to be with a loved one in a foreign place, even if he or she is thousands of miles away.

For members of the military, photographs of loved ones are treasured keepsakes.  Did you know it has been documented that looking at a portrait of a loved one creates more of an emotional attachment than being with that person?  These connections are especially meaningful for service members who may be away from family for months at a time.

Let the photographers at Michael Broyles Photography help the veteran in your life create a portrait that reflects their identity and the image they want to pass along to future generations.  A Certified Professional Photographer and retired U.S. Army Chaplain, he or she can trust that Michael Broyles will work with them to capture the perfect portrait that honors their service and sacrifice.  Because a veteran’s legacy should never be forgotten…

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