Take a moment to think about the photographs from your childhood or about the pictures taken of your family to date. Is someone missing from the photo? Chances are that person is mom. This is by no means a new trend, and it is a major reason why families cherish their photo sessions with Michael Broyles. Yes, the quality time spent with mom during the photo session is important; but there are bigger reasons why mom needs to be included more often in family photographs that might not be so apparent in the present moment.


As you think back on your childhood pictures, you will recall many special moments: birthdays, Christmas mornings, first days of school. Very often, the person behind the camera for these moments is mom. The “designated family historian,” mom is the one who preserves the special memories you look back on years later. Of course, this responsibility comes with a downside: mom is rarely the center of attention in these photos. However, when mom is given a chance to assume the starring role, she frequently comes up with an excuse to step aside in favor of the kids. From feeling self-conscious about her weight to lamenting that her hair is a mess or that she does not have enough make-up on, mom seems to find a reason every time to avoid the camera.


Although mom might feel otherwise, it is important to capture photographs of her for posterity’s sake, regardless if she is posing for a formal portrait or captured unawares enjoying a hobby or some free time with the kids. These are the images adult children will have to remember her by long after she is gone. When she is not in the picture, it is harder to recall how she experienced that moment with her family. Over the last several years, moms have taken to social media to encourage husbands to take more photos of their wives and not just on special occasions. Documenting the everyday joys of family life in photos gives kids something to look back on and remember how mom was always there for them: for school events, family movie or game nights, trips to the park, or just spending a relaxing afternoon in the backyard. It does not matter what mom looks like in the photo. What matters is that she is present and is a part of their lives.


Starting this Mother’s Day, make a resolution to bring mom out from behind the camera. Give her time to touch up her hair or find a pose she finds flattering if it makes her feel better. Whatever it takes…those extra moments of prep now will be worth a lifetime of memories once she is gone.


This May, Michael Broyles Photography is running a promotion that guarantees mom will have her moment in the spotlight. Schedule a photo session for mom between May 1 and 31, and she will receive an 8″ x 10″ portrait for $100. Have a question about our Mother’s Day promotion or scheduling a session? Contact Michael Broyles Photography today.