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Casey Perfetto


Synergy at Michael Broyles Photography is a key to bringing our guests quality family memories.  Casey Perfetto is adds to our creatively.  Following are a few of her insights about her study in Italy.

Studying photography in Italy has been a dream so far. I had never been to Europe before so it was a big adjustment. The streets are full of life and beauty is around every corner. Life is so much slower paced…minus the insane drivers here (pedestrians do not have the right away and I learned that the hard way). Everyday we visit a new museum or church.

Sun light through a church window by Casey Perfetto

Sun light through a church window by Casey Perfetto

Lights on a building in Italy by Casey Perfetto

Lights on a building by Casey Perfetto

I’m in awe every time I see a fresco or sculpture in person instead of just reading about them in my art history text book. From going to church Sunday morning at the Santa Marie Novella Cathedral to laying on the rocky beach of Cinque Terre my life has definitely changed because of this place and I have developed a new state of mind. There are so many beautiful things here from the monumental Duomo to even the little alley cats I encounter on my daily gelato trips.




My favorite experience thus far was definitely my trip to Cinque Terre. It was like nothing I have even dreamed of. It was breathtaking and so peaceful. I will never forget the weeks I have spent here and the friends I have met.

I even met an Italian photographer and will be apart of his new series about student life style in Italy. My trip is half way over and it has sped by, but I’m taking every moment in and not taking anything for granted. I couldn’t have picked a better subject to study in Italy.

Florence is a giant playground for photographers and the locals tell their stories through my images. For now, I need to get back to my studies, but next weekend I’ll be roaming the streets of Venice. 

Casey Perfetto

We look forward to having Casey’s talent and insights when she returns in June.

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