High School Senior portrait by Knoxville family photographer Michael Broyles

The young woman above had this photo taken upon acceptance into art school following her high school graduation.


As July fades into August, thoughts of summer fun are replaced with class schedules and school supply shopping lists.  Once again, it is back to school time and the laundry list of things to do seems to get longer every year.  For many, one of those to-dos is taking the annual back to school photo.  Back to school photos are one of those timeless rites of childhood that capture the hope and promise of a new school year, as well as a child’s growth and maturation over time.


For many busy parents who juggle both kids and work, it is not uncommon to forget capturing this once a year ritual.  It can be quite disappointing to miss this opportunity to catch yet another childhood milestone on film to look back on in years to come.  This is a great reason why you should consider having your child’s back to school photos taken by a professional photographer.


Scheduling a back to school photo session can take the stress out preparing for that all important shot, especially when it is scheduled within a couple of weeks before that first day of school.  You have time to plan the perfect outfit and get your child’s hair cut without the pressure of gathering books, backpacks, and lunches in time to meet the school bus at the curb.  Photo sessions also allow you to get a little more creative with your back to school photo.  Beyond dressing up in their first day of school clothes, you can have your child pose with a school-related prop or two.  This can be a great way to show off their favorite school subject or even a sport they play.  You can even invite a few of your child’s friends along and turn the photo into a group shot.  As an added bonus, your photo will stand out among the cookie-cutter “out the front door, backpack on” photos we tend to fall back on year after year.


There are many times later in life when we regret not having a visual image of our child during a particular milestone in their lives, and print photos are our best means of archiving these important events.  Make this year’s back to school photo more memorable by scheduling a photo session with Michael Broyles Photography.  Because back to school memories are worth preserving and celebrating no matter what your child’s age.

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