Newborn being held in his father's hands

In My Father’s Hands

“I remember when…”  Three words we use to begin a reflection from our past.  Parents often find themselves reminiscing about early parenthood, what it was like to have a new baby joining the family and the joy that baby brought to their lives.  It seems like yesterday when their son or daughter was born, and now he or she is starting Kindergarten, choosing a college, starting a job…where did the time go?

When our children are born, we feel like time stands still and that this moment can last forever.  But our children grow up fast and before we know it, they are not so little anymore.  That is why capturing childhood on film is so meaningful for parents.  You want to hold on to these fleeting moments, knowing all too soon your children will be leaving home and striking out on adventures of their own.

But what if you could capture your child’s life at its very beginning?

Scheduling a photo session with your newborn can help new parents, whether it’s their first or fifth, preserve a very special moment in their lives.  Capturing a newborn in a photograph is like freezing in time a moment of new life.  It tells a story of love, but also of hope and dreams for the child’s future.  The photo also reminds parents of how little their children were when they entered this world, so easy to forget when they grow up so fast.

Michael Broyles Photography can help you preserve this singular moment in an heirloom portrait that can be passed down to your child as a treasured reminder of their very first days, and your love for him or her.  Our photographers take great care in capturing images of you and your child that reflect the unique bond you share.  The photo above is just one example of our work…a true testament of the love this father has for his child.

Make time stand still so you can treasure your newborn for years to come.  Schedule a photo session with your newborn at Michael Broyles Photography.

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