High School Senior and Her Dog Portrait

High School Senior and Her Dog

There is nothing like the unspoken bond between a person and their pet. Dogs are incredible extended family members that teach us unexpected life lessons and give unconditional love.  Scientific research states that people who have pets live longer, healthier, happier lives.  A well-exercised dog means a well-exercised owner.

The beauty of pets in our lives is a beauty that needs documentation. The slobbery kiss from your boxer in the morning or the special way that your little baby yorkie tilts her head when she knows its walk time don’t have to be lost forever. Don’t even get me started on costumes, the cuteness is just too much!

Pet portraits are a great way of capturing such bonding moments. If you are interested in having your pet photographed by Michael Broyles Photography, here are some tips that will help you prepare for a photo session:

 Keep it Familiar:

It is important that your dog is either in a familiar place, or has a comfort measure to be able to feel safe in a new situation.  When your fur baby relaxes, then she will easily sit for a pretty picture. If you wish to have a studio session, please make sure that your dog is well trained in unfamiliar territory.

Groom Early:

A good rule of thumb to prepare your dog’s luxurious coat for the camera is to wash two days before the shoot.  A good brush the day before and the morning of the shoot will help his coat stay smooth and shiny.

Don’t Hover:

During the shoot, dominance must be established. The photographer is the alpha dog.  If you hover, worried about whether your dog will not sit still or will have an accident, it will change the energy of the shoot.  Here at the studio, we love to have well-mannered dogs sit for us. Taking pictures is a form of building a relationship.

Practice Commands:

A few days before the shoot, practice general commands with your dog. Give positive reinforcement, but it is not recommended that you give your dog a treat unless absolutely necessary (and we know how necessary that can be). The more you work with your dog at home, the better she will be in the photo session.


We look forward to meeting your beloved pets in the Knoxville, TN studio!

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