Pet photography by Michael Broyles Photography in Knoxville

Pet portrait by Michael Broyles Photography

We love our pets and for good reason.  They relax us after a long day, bring joy and laughter, ease our pain and sorrow, and always lend an ear when we need someone to pour our hearts out to.  They give us unconditional love, and by welcoming them into our homes and hearts we return the favor.

What makes our pets extra special are their personalities.  Like snowflakes, no two are alike.  A great way to capture your pet’s personality is with a professional portrait.  Pet photo shoots are not new; in fact, they are growing in popularity as more people embrace pets as four-legged family members.  However, preparing your pet for a photo shoot takes a little more time and planning than preparing a child to get his or her picture taken.

If you are thinking about scheduling a photo session for your pet, here are some things to keep in mind before you step foot in the studio.

Groom Your Pet

We want our pets to look their best on the day of their photo session.  If possible give them a bath and a good brushing a day or two before your session.  If you have your pet professionally groomed, consider doing it a day or two before, not the day of the photo shoot, so your pet arrives at his or her session relaxed and ready to take their best shot!

Exercise Your Pet

A high energy pet can make a photo shoot harder than it needs to be.  Plan to take your pet for a walk or engage in some sort of play (e.g., catnip, a game of fetch) about an hour or two before your session.  Try not to wear your pet out completely.  You want him or her to be calm and relaxed, but with enough energy and spunk to allow the photographer to capture their playfulness and personality.

Accessorize Your Pet

Do you like to dress your pet up or outfit him or her with a special collar?  Does your pet have a favorite toy?  Be sure to bring these special items to the photo shoot so the photographer can work them into your pet’s portrait.

Our pets are with us for a fleeting amount of time.  Investing in a professional portrait of your pet will ensure he or she is with you in spirit for years to come.  Our photographers at Michael Broyles Photography welcome pets and their people as guests in our studio, and hope you choose to schedule a pet photo session with us soon.  Let us help you bring out the very best in your pet!