Painted Portrait of Three Year Old Girl by Michael Broyles

Child’s Portrait with watercolor treatment

As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation of fall leaves turning, the abundance of the family table at Thanksgiving, and the magic of the Christmas season has everyone craving special memories.

With the complicated world changing all around us, it is easy to forget the priorities that lie before us in family, friends, and the beauty of life.

Here at Michael Broyles Photography, this is a time that is very special to us. We love to see your happy smiles and excited faces knowing that, just around the corner, a new year is approaching.  It is inspiring to us to see the wondrous awe nature from tree to thriving family unit.

To us, the beauty of the season is about gratitude for the cycle of life.  We are excited and grateful for you, our amazing guests that come in ready to create a family heirloom that will last for generations.  We know you are busy preparing for visitors, out-of-towners, and party after party, so we appreciate your vote of confidence in the work we do.  Not only do we get it right the first time, we are just as moved as you are when we see the final product.

We know that this season also comes with a measure of stress.  Life does not always go as planned. For those of us that have lost loved ones, the holiday season can have its share of heartache.  Do not be afraid to dust off the pictures of the ones you love and reconnect. One of the greatest gifts in life are memories; when we create memories for you, we know that one day your loved ones may not be able to join you in the season’s festivities except through a photograph. Such a photograph transforms itself from captured memory to priceless keepsake. Such a keepsake captures the remaining love in your heart and has preserved it forever.

Remember family harmony begins with the creation of memories. The preservation of family harmony is supported with the gathering of the ones we love most.  If you are that lucky to have everyone you love in one room, seize the opportunity to preserve the occasion with seasonal photography.

We look forward to capturing a holiday in our Knoxville, TN photography studio.

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At Michael Broyles Photography Michael and Casey work to ensure your portraits become a beautiful memory.

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