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Michael Broyles, who often photographs portraits of others challenges himself by taking a self portrait in natural window light.

If you have been soul searching and have come to a realization that you need rejuvenation, then reinvention may be for you. While a life overhaul is not for the faint of heart, exploring the world of photography, either behind or in front of the camera, could be a key to self-awareness.


May Contain Peanuts

Chryseis Dawn, taking on the challenge of using color harmony using a single dominant color pop with still life.


Here are six ways to begin the path to reinvention through photography.

Ask: First and foremost, you must ask yourself “How can I express myself?” As you contemplate the answer, observe your life with acute awareness focused on the moments you feel most satisfied. Chase that feeling, experiment with your photography and find new ways to share your vision.

Reconnect with Your Artist Statement: Redefine what matters to you based on your thoughts, feelings and previous work. Take the time to shift away from what others want for you and connect to what you want for yourself. If you are hyper focused on fears, you will be drained of your moxie.

Leave the Judgment Behind: Take a hard look at your flaws, failings, and setbacks with an open mind. Love them and appreciate their presence. Within them, you will notice your individuality, your vulnerabilities, and the opportunities to begin evolving your work. Sometimes the aspects that we wish to hide are the same igniters that are central to our masterpiece.

Be Authentic about Your Desired Outcome: Your desire is yours alone. It may not always be the popular choice. It is important for you to truly be honest about what you want in your life and how you want to express it in the work you create.

Be Open to Critique:  Hold yourself personally accountable for your goals and do what it takes to make them happen. Be open to the advice of others. Leave the ego at the door and welcome instruction and constructive criticism whenever the opportunity arises; without it, your work will not grow. Every time you receive a critique, see it as a passport to the next junction of your artistic journey. Make yourself available to change on a regular basis.

Take the Risk: Whatever the change may require, be bold. Inspire others around you by being a tenacious risk taker. Apply candor in all that you do, with love and respect for yourself and others. Your silent example of action in manifesting personal desires will create movement among others. The purpose of art is to provoke. This is your time to shine.

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