Newborn Feet in Parents Hands

Newborn feet in parent’s hands


Hands of Couple

Hands of a couple celebrating their 50 years of being in love


The surface of her grandfather’s skin holds deep, vulnerable lines – memories of war. The surface of his granddaughter’s hair shines like moonlit waters, still and deep. As they hold each other and smile, life couldn’t be more perfect. The surface of the graduate’s smile holds his fear of the future and the excitement of freedom all at once. His eyes tell of his journey. The silky surface of a baby’s hands and feet hold the seeds of life in its innocence. Myriad textures can surface within the framework of your life. A single photograph highlights many journeys within one lifetime.

Life is never simple, but it can contain the beauty of simplicity. With quiet whispers of natural light and shadow, we can find brilliant meaning in the here and now. Capturing the tenderness of a quiet moment anchors all of us to what is really important. We can trace the line of light along the curves of life and be assured that life does indeed go on.

During the process of capturing character, your photographer will unify these moments with complementary textures to accent your story. While the roughness of concrete under the bare feet of a breast cancer survivor speaks to stomping out triumph, the new curly texture of her hair and her unbroken smile shapes the quality of the moment. In a photograph, moments are like fingerprints. They tell a story that only you can tell. The greatest backdrop is the texture of your emotion. As the crinkle of the eye creates character in the smile, each line is a proud testament of your personal journey.

As you take the courageous steps to shape your life no matter how big or small, remember that each moment provides you with a unique message that will accentuate and inspire those you love most.


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