by Lauren Yount

Paying Tribute by Knoxville Family Photographer Michael Broyles

Paying Tribute

Letting yourself dream and fantasize is part of a truly enriching lifestyle.  I remember what initially drew me into the modeling and photography world.  It started with cosplay.  For those who don’t know, cosplay is “the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.”

Cosplayers typically make their own costumes based on their favorite characters.  It lets them feel like they can bring the characters to life.  For some, cosplay is an outlet for being able to live in a fictional world they wouldn’t normally be able to experience.

Personally, cosplaying let me escape from the real world for a short amount of time and become whoever — or whatever — I wanted to be.  I began cosplay modeling for photorgaphers as my passion for cosplay developed.  Through this, I learned an even more exciting truth — photography can let you live in a moment forever.

A photograph is almost like looking into a dream or your own personal fantasy.  This can relate to any genre or style of photography — not just cosplay!  

Have you ever wanted to be an elven princess? In the photo here, model Caitybelle was able to be depicted as just that.  What about a cute pin-up girl or a strong athlete?

With photography, you’re able to express yourself in whatever way you choose.  A photograph will allow you to create a world around yourself in an image that can last a lifetime.  What defines you?  What makes you who you are, and what makes you excited about life?  Take your answer these questions and ask yourself “how can that be portrayed in an image?”

I guarantee, the result will be magical.  With photography, you can freeze this moment of self actualization and love in time forever.  Dream up whatever you like, and then, let it live forever.

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