Mother and Her Daughters by Family Photographer Michael Broyles

Mother and Her Daughters


The moments of your life are meeting places that fill your field of vision; your memories are the most important aspect of your inner world. The people you love, the experiences that you have encountered, and the insurmountable struggles you made surmountable, all comprise your field of vision. The moment your inner essence makes its presence in the outer world, you have shared the most special part of yourself which is a gift you can cherish with others.

Capturing such moments is an act of intimacy between photographer and subject. A photographer is a messenger of your personal legend. Acting as an intermediary between self-intimacy and personal expression, unseen worlds awaken a laugh, empower a life achievement, and commemorate the milestones of an all too short childhood. The shortest depth of field, between a little girl’s toothless giggle and the glint in her eye is what makes a moment so profound.

A photograph can heal the moments of pain unspoken and revitalize the souls of the dearly departed. Yes, photography captures the soul, immortalizing those we wish never to forget, while creating a meeting place once again, for memories of love. The power of human frailty is its tender beauty. As love becomes the connective force between subject and field of vision, such a love needs no other storyline. We specialize in Black and white photography for this reason. The absence of color holds the space for the moment and the story. You can see the colors of the soul radiate in the stillness of the frame.

It is in this place that life can begin anew and be revitalized. When the subject is love, no matter what form it takes, every memory lives forever. It is our goal to capture such priceless for you.


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