Everyone loves pictures of babies, especially newborns. And it is very important to capture infants throughout their early days, weeks, and months because they grow so fast. However, a big piece of the puzzle can often be overlooked. That is, the relationship of an older child with his or her new sibling. At Michael Broyles Photography, we believe it is important to capture images of newborns and their siblings, whether in a formal portrait or not, to celebrate both baby and their older brothers and sisters. Below are just some suggestions to make capturing these moments as special, and pain-free, as possible.


Keep it Short and Sweet

Young children have very short attention spans and it can be difficult to keep them engaged for a long, drawn out photo shoot with their newborn sibling. I suggest breaking up your picture taking over several days, focusing on taking one or two pictures in a particular setting or pose each time. The older child is less likely to get bored and it saves the photographer (you!) the time and stress that can be involved in keeping everyone happy and willing to participate.


Focus on the Older Child

Your newborn has likely been the center of attention, leaving his or her older siblings feeling left out. This is one reason why I like to turn the reins over to the older children and make the photo shoot all about them. You can do the same by giving your children some choices throughout your mini-photo shoot. For example, have them choose where the photo is taken, what props are used, or what pose they like best. This is a great opportunity to not only give your older children some control, but make them feel special and important.


Go with the Flow

As you may be well aware, taking photos of young children is not always the easiest of tasks. It can be hard to get them to sit still for very long, and sometimes kids are just not in the mood to get their picture taken. In these cases, forgo trying to get the perfect shot and focus on snapping some more candid, off the cuff photos. Honestly, some of the best photos you can capture of your newborn and his or her older siblings are the ones where they are interacting with each other naturally, without looking at the camera.


Always Safety First

Pictures of older siblings holding their newborn brother or sister can be cute, but it is important to be cautious especially when the older sibling is a toddler. I suggest having an adult (preferably mom or dad) on-hand to help support the baby or going with a different pose altogether. Some popular poses include lying your baby on a soft surface while his or her older sibling leans over for a kiss, or having all children lie down on their backs, side-by-side. Regardless, have a second adult present throughout the shoot for safety’s sake.


A formal portrait of your newborn and his or her siblings can be a family treasure to pass down through the generations. Schedule a consultation with Michael Broyles Photography today to learn more about our services and special promotions for September.