IPC merit image by Michael Broyles

Room to Grow a Merit Image by Michael Broyles

You spend time and energy identifying just the right photographer to capture your daughter’s wedding day or your parent’s 50th anniversary.  You want your photos of these special moments to be perfect.  Why would you settle with just any photographer when you can work with the best?

Photography is a growing business and anyone with a camera, even a smart phone, can claim to be a “professional photographer.”  Just because you choose to work with a “professional” does not necessarily mean that he or she has the training or expertise standing behind that title.

So, what should you do?

Seek out a Certified Professional Photographer, or CPP.  And here is why…

What makes a CPP different from just any photographer?

A CPP has received certification from a third party to show that he or she has the qualifications to be a professional photographer.  This certification process includes taking an exam and having his or her work judged by an international jury.  All CPPs must recertify every three years, which means they must stay up-to-date on the latest industry techniques and skills.

Aren’t CPPs more expensive?    

They can be. However, like the adage goes, you get what you pay for.  Amateur photographers can charge dirt cheap rates, which makes them attractive when you are looking to save money or are on a budget.  CPPs may charge higher rates for photo shoots, but the value their certification brings to the table means you will walk away with a far superior product and an understanding of their talent.

What can I expect when working with a CPP?

A CPP designation means a photographer is considered an authority in the field who understands the technical (e.g., lighting, posing, and design) and artistic side of photography.  He or she will work with you to capture the right pose, each time, so you are happy with the quality and the images the first time around.  CPPs are committed to your satisfaction and are willing to go above and beyond for you to meet your expectations.

Are there any CPPs in Knoxville?

Did you know that there are only four CPPs in Knoxville and one in Maryville?  Michael Broyles Photography is one of them.

One of Michael Broyles’s passions as a photographer is capturing the unique personalities of babies and young children.  His talent is evident in the photo above of a playful young girl, blissfully unaware of the camera trained on her.  The resulting portrait brought her mother to tears, overcome with joy that her child’s playful nature was forever immortalized for her to treasure.

Special moments like these are fleeting…you only have one chance of getting it right.  Put your trust in a CPP, like Michael Broyles Photography, and let our photographers show you the value, quality, and results that you can get by hiring a CPP.

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