You are The Masterpiece featuring Michael Broyles and Chryseis Dawn Patterson

Michael Broyles and Chryseis Dawn Patterson


Life is not meant to be perfect, it is meant to be lived, enjoyed, risked, destroyed and re-created.  For the artist, communing with the complexities of life is a fearless adventure with muse in tow.  It is the full acceptance of joys, sorrows, frustrations, losses, gains, desires and blessings. A true artist looks at each aspect of life objectively in search of beauty and truth.

An artist never masters his own work.  Within the artist’s heart lies the desire for perfection, mastery.  However what the artist will come to know is the journey of the masterpiece.  You are that masterpiece.

For the photographer, the subject is his muse. The inspiration comes from a unique vision that you and your photographer create in concert.  In Michael Broyles and Chryseis Dawn’s world, there is no separation from artist and muse.  The art of cherishing fleeting life moments is the experience that empowers you to take part in an these artists’ path to mastery. Your moment in front of the camera is a masterpiece in its own right.  

You may think being a photographer is easy: just position lights, take a shot, and see what develops. That may be so, but for the artistry of Michael Broyles and Chryseis Dawn, it is a labor of love and an act of courage.

The passion of these artists is the demolition of fear-based internal conformity that taunts them to hold themselves back from capturing the deep emotions of family, yet they do not.  They forge forward as earnestly as they can, expressing the unexpressed in the lives of those they meet only for a short time.  They have witnessed breakthroughs and celebrated final moments; they have honed their craft in the dead hours of the night and still they continue on.  They continue because they want to be the best for you. They want to create the most meaningful heirloom treasures for your generations.

Art is love – love in action. At Michael Broyles Photography we believe in the power of life, and the expression of love through the commitment to our art.  That is the difference you see in our photos.


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